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Where every entertainment system we create is a unique masterpiece.
Located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale’s beautiful Las Olas shopping & entertainment district, Magnum Opus Audio is South Florida’s most unique home entertainment shop.
If you’re an individual who insists on having the best of everything in life, then you owe it to yourself to come visit us. Come on in, relax in our plush showroom, kick-off your shoes if you like, maybe have a glass of wine and luxuriate in the finest sounds and most beautiful equipment anywhere.
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Magnum Opus Audio carries a wide range of hi fi audio and video components, cd players and amplifiers, stereo and surround sound systems
and loud speakers and home theater products all designed to deliver a truely spectacular viewing and listening experience: Acapella, Amina,
April, Aquatic AV, Arcam, Artcoustic, Bellari, Bolzano Villetri, Burmester, Cabasse, Cain & Cain, Clark Synthesis, Consonance, Creek, Denon,
Duevel, Echobusters, Edge, Epos, Epson Projectors, Final Sound, Gershman Accoustics, Goldring, Linn, Loyminchay, Lutron, Marantz Reference,
Media Decor, Music Hall, Naim, Niles, Nordost, Opera Loudspeakers, Pathos, Quad, Shanling, Snell Accoustics, Straightwire, Studio Electric,
Union Research, Velodyne, Vutec, YBA, Zingali